Travel Insurance

Property loss or damage whilst on holiday can put a dampener on the whole trip, and having to cancel altogether due to unforeseen circumstances is even more upsetting. Meanwhile illness or injury can expose you to almost limitless medical costs and evacuation expenses.

Reduce the impact of holiday nightmares, and enjoy your trip in the

knowledge that you carry a sound travel insurance policy.

It is often cheaper to arrange your own travel insurance than to take the policy offered to you by your travel agent.
Generally there are three types of policy; single trip, long-stay and annual multi-trip. Below you will find a brief description of each type of policy…

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies

This policy will cover you for one trip of a specified duration to your choice of geographical areas. This type of policy will expire on your return so if you were to take a second holiday or trip in the same year a new policy would be required. Single trip policies can be set up on an individual or family cover basis. Cover can be for any duration of up to 6 months.

Long-Stay Travel Insurance Policies

This policy is for 16-35 year olds taking one trip for a duration of any length between 6 months to one year.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policies

Annual multi-trip travel insurance provides for all the holiday and travel insurance you may need within a 12 month period. It can be set up to cover Worldwide travel, or for a lower premium, only European Union destinations can be specified.
Annual policies can be set up to cover an individual or the whole family.
There are three choices of maximum trip durations – 31 days, 45 days or 60 days.
If you expect to take more than one holiday in the year and/or regularly travel on business then an annual policy is likely to be the most cost effective option.
Keeping well covered while on the move

Important Notice

If it is anticipated that an Insured Person is to travel to a country or an area with a country that may expose them to increased risk of injury it is essential that the  Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO) be consulted for journey advice.
Where FCO are advising against travel to a country or parts of a country referral to the Insurers is essential with full details.