Health Screening

Health Screening – employee fitness benchmarking

Regular health assessments help to determine your well being, minimise the risk of future illness and allow early detection of diseases.

By identifying any potential risks or problems, simple strategies can be developed which clearly help the employee and can minimise disruption at work.

Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are the main causes of death in the UK.  But with the right health screening, it is possible to uncover useful information about potential problems and also provide advice on minimising any risk. An ECG and exercise ECG test can detect significant early heart disease.

It is important to find cancers as early as possible. One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime but when caught early, survival rates can be significantly improved.

Sherwood Healthcare offer a range of health screens from ‘executive’ sessions in private hospitals to an ‘essential’ screen carried out on site.  All can help with well being and identify potential issues across the company.

Key features of group health screening

  • Wide choice of screening solutions – from as little as £95
  • Group discounts – for groups of more than 10 employees
  • On-site facilities – screening brought to the workplace encourages uptake
  • Special options – for women, or people concerned with their heart condition
  • Nationwide coverage – accessible hospital locations nationwide