Cash Plans

Health cash plans – for groups

Our group health cash plan fulfils two corporate purposes. It promotes health in the workplace because it encourages your employees to seek dental care, physiotherapy or a specialist consultation with the reassurance that some or all of the cost can be readily recovered.

Because of the benefits offered, it can also help you – the employer – meet obligations towards DSE regulations and stress management.

Yet health cash plans are very readily affordable, with employer contributions of well under £50 per employee per year.

Group health cash plans can complement or supplement any other medical cover you provide, and can even be offered as a voluntary benefit.

Key features of the health cash plan for groups

Benefits include:

Specialist consultations
Hospital stays
Day case surgery


  • Affordable premiums – from less that £50 per employee per year
  • Choice of plans – giving a range of premiums
  • Instant cover – some benefits can be claimed immediately
  • No medical underwriting required
  • Minimum group size is three – discounts for larger schemes
  • Voluntary payroll deduction, employer paid premiums – or a combination
  • Claims normally paid within 48 hours