At the core of most private health insurance policies is full cover for inpatient treatment. Your policy will meet the cost of initial consultations, surgeons’ and anesthetists’ fees, and the cost of the operating theatre, drugs and food and accommodation. You will pay only for extras such as newspapers, phone calls and visitors’ food.

Where there is more variation is in outpatient care. Here, insurers offer a range of options to suit different budgets. Most offer three levels of cover, Budget options do not offer any outpatient care, while mid-range policies will offer a limited amount, perhaps up to a limit of £1,000. Comprehensive policies cover outpatient treatment in full.

Mid-range policies are typically about 20% more expensive than the budget option, while comprehensive cover will cost up to 50% more. Although the selection of Hospitals does have a significant impact on price, with choices ranging from local to premier inner London Hospitals.

What you can afford is of course important; once this is established policies can be tailored to meet this target. This entails reviewing the budget/mid range and comprehensive options and then factoring the savings by choosing from an excess, reductions in cover, and the hospital range.

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