Sports Injury

Welcome to my first Medical Insurance / Healthcare blog.
I will provide updates on a regular basis of how we are helping our clients by ensuring the cover we recommend provides them with the peace of mind that they desire whist matching their budget.
This summer the papers are full of sports news which reminded me of some recent statistics. Evidently sports injuries continue to be a mayor cause of lost working time. A few years ago there were over 22 million sporting injuries sustained in one year! (This is about 30% of the population.) Football is the number one sport for causing injuries with rugby second.
Most injuries are sprains or muscle pulls where early access to trained physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors will generally enable you to affect an early recovery. Private Medical Insurance does allow you to fit the appointments within your busy schedule. If needed, appointments can be made outside of normal business hours i.e. after 6 pm and at the weekend.
This is essential for people who do not have “time” and regularly miss healthcare appointments because some thing has cropped up!
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