SME’s Managing a work life balance

Managing a work-life balance.

To help small business owners find a way of managing their work-life balance a significant benefit of Private Medical Insurance is the flexibility of Doctors and Consultants who make sure that they provide flexible appointments to suit these very busy business owners.

One in four small business owners has cancelled or put off a health appointment in the last year because of work commitments, according to a survey from Abbey and Alliance & Leicester Business Banking (Santander Group).

Business owners who work the longest hours are most likely to put their work before their health, with more than four in ten (43%) small business owners who work between 50 and 60 hours a week having put off or missed a health appointment due to work.

The research also revealed that a third (33%) of small business owners are now working over 50 hours per week, while one in six (15%) are working in excess of 65 hours.

Whilst the tough economic climate is forcing many small business owners to work incredibly hard missing health appointments for the sake of a heavy workload can be a false and possible a fatal economy.

It is normal for Doctors and Consultants to be available for appointments outside of normal business hours generally up to 9pm in the evening plus Saturday mornings.

So there is now no excuse for missed health appointments or for small business owners to sacrifice their health for their wealth.

Healthcare continues to be in the news for other reasons:

Lots of comment regarding the future level of Government funding for the NHS, it certainly seems that the funding has now peaked.

Hospital managers for the last few years have managed an increasing NHS budget how will they cope with a static or reducing figure. What services will be cut?

Clean, infection free hospitals are still given as one of the main reasons for purchasing Private Medical Insurance despite the NHS trying to clean up their act!

Mixed sex wards are still a feature of treatment in the NHS. When will this be eradicated?

Please do not hold your breath.

The healthcare insured population has held up well during the last year but the emphasis is now on buyers searching for alternative options and tailoring the cover to suit their needs and Budget.

The Healthcare market has responded well to the challenge and we are able to provide products with a menu of options. Plus innovations which introduce fixed priced products with the option of selecting your own premium level and receiving a return of a proportion of premium in the event of no claims.

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