Shortage of Doctors boosts private medical insurance

Following on from the good news about the extra £50m that the NHS has sourced for innovative new cancer medicines we hear that there is a significant shortage, of Doctors, Nurses and associated professionals in the UK

The shortage of junior doctors is forcing the NHS to recruit hundreds of doctors from India this year. Tighter immigration rules introduced three years ago meant many overseas medics left the UK instead of taking up training posts. This, combined with European regulations restricting doctor working hours and childcare breaks, has left dozens of hospitals struggling to fill vacancies.

The report, recently published in the British Medical Journal, was seized on by doctors’ leaders . Unrest is growing among Britain’s 23,000 consultants at their growing workload caused by the drive to cut waiting lists. The British Medical Association claims an additional 4,000 doctors are needed just to compensate for the cut in junior doctors’ hours.

These recent uncertainties have seen a rise in the number of people considering taking out Healthcare plans / Private Medical Insurance (PMI) says the Consumers Association.
During its latest research, it showed that 40% of those questioned would strongly consider going private to avoid NHS waiting lists. Of these, 84% do not have existing medical insurance to fall back on.
Cost is often used as a barrier for not effecting cover however the Healthcare market is extremely competitive with Insurers having a number of options available to keep the costs down. These include the use of excesses, and a bespoke plan for your specific needs covering treatment and hospital lists.

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