Overseas medical insurance – Mrsa and waiting lists could be the least of your problems!

In this age of mobile employment it is important that before sending staff to overseas countries that their medical coverage is closely checked to make sure that they and their family are adequately protected and also meet local regulations. Leaving matters to chance is not an option.

The policies should meet all of the charges they might otherwise face were they to be hospitalised, plus out-patient specialist treatment fees, GP consultation charges and the cost of prescription drugs.

Other options available might include routine dental treatment (including regular check ups) pregnancy and childbirth and even the option to be evacuated to a different country should the necessary local medical standards be suspect. If you think that MRSA and waiting lists are an issue at home, overseas they can be the least of your problems!

It may also be possible to include some pre-existing conditions.

In regard to overseas employees who relocate to the UK, international policies, whist more expensive than a UK only policy, will provide the following additional benefits:

  • Option for maternity cover and routine dental treatment
  • Private GP visits rather than NHS GP’s
  • Cover for hazardous activities
  • Benefits for some Chronic Condition
  • The territorial limits can be easily extended

It is important to remember that employees are of great value to their Employer and provide its intellectual capital. They not only bring their skills and talents; they also bring ideas and creativity to the table. Employees bring innovation, commitment and a desire to learn.  So to maintain this positive contribution please make sure that  when sending them out into the world, away from home, that they and their families have appropriate medical protection.

Naturally if you would like further information or advice then please contact me at:  johncrisford@sherwoodhealthcare.co.uk

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