NHS – Some good news at last.

Another year where the NHS has been in the public eye, with Budgets not keeping pace with  inflation and efficiencies to achieve there is a bit of  good news at last. It appears that the Government is looking into the issue that is causing a lot of controversy and infringes patient’s liberties – mixed sex wards.

According to a report published by health secretary Andrew Langley over 11,000 patients were subject to mixed sex accommodation during December alone.  It has become apparent that this report was in support of new Government legislation that will impose fines on hospitals.  For every patient that is subjected to mixed accommodation the hospital will be fined £250 per day.  So what will happen to all the money the Government is now collecting on your behalf? Well according to the report it will be re-invested into the NHS to help fund patient care.

This new legislation will be expected to arrive in April and Andrew Langley states, “By April, we expect every hospital to be capable of meeting the single sex accommodation standard.”  To help combat the issue, the Government is increasing the number of single rooms available to the NHS, although we are not entirely sure where this space is coming from.

One of the benefits of Private Medical Insurance is that you are guaranteed your own room. Premiums do not need to be expensive and policies can be tailored to suit your needs.

Source: http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Statistics/Performancedataandstatistics/MixedSexAccommodation/index.htm

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