NHS Cancer developments and Private Medical Insurance

The news from the Government that they have sourced an extra £50 million for the NHS to pay for innovative new cancer medicines from October is good news.

It is unclear exactly how this fund will work in practice. In principle, doctors will take responsibility for deciding how the funding is spent for individual patients, based on advice from cancer specialists

Hilary Tovey, policy manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “Anything that helps patients get drugs faster is welcome. We know that the UK has a low uptake of new drugs compared to other countries, and hope that this new fund will help address this.

“We look forward to seeing more detail about how the fund will work in practice and we will be monitoring its impact. We want to ensure that all cancer patients are getting the treatments which might benefit them.”

I suppose that there is always going to be some uncertainty especially with the pressures in the economy.

Of course private medical insurance can take away the uncertainties since it does provide cover for cancer with some Insurers meeting the Macmillan “Gold Standard” of cancer cover.

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