Key drivers to purchase private medical insurance / health plans

Private Medical Insurance / Health plans

Recent research carried out by a major insurer identified that the main drivers to purchase medical insurance are : Hospital cleanliness, No waiting lists, No waiting for diagnostic tests, Choice of hospital, Choice of consultant, Availability of the super Drugs & treatment, Privacy.

The private patient journey provides speedy access to a top specialist of your choice. Also access to the very latest diagnostic technology to  find out whats wrong with you, quickly.You receive expert advice on the treatment plan most appropriate to you. Plus reassurance that the consultant you see will be the one who treats you.

You have access to the most appropriate & convenient hospital. Access to the very best in medical technology.

Care is delivered in a clean and safe enviroment with better clinical outcomes with discretion and privacy.

Aftercare is key and provides Rehabilitation eg physiotherapy, home nursing plus follow-up consultations.


The  NHS was only ever intended to provide medical care to a certain standard leaving the individual free to spend his income above that standard as he wants.

The NHS does  not offer the best healthcare system in the world and according to a recent survey we are in 13th place. We also lag behind many other Countries in terms of outcomes for Breast Cancer and  Bowel cancer  survival rates.

There is also a lot of speculation regarding  what effect  the proposed changes by the new Government will have on the NHS.

Cost of Private Medical insurance

The cost of private medical Insurance can be arranged to suit your  budget, since many Insurers have menu driven products which allow you to choose the cover you require.

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