Healthcare plans save money for the over 60’s

Private Medical Insurance/healthcare plan(s)

Although the cost of  Medical Insurance / Healthcare insurance increases with age we have had some real successes in arranging competitive Health Insurance cover for the over 60’s

My oldest client is 89 years old. He was fed up with his individual healthcare premiums for ever-increasing and also with some unfair exclusions imposed by his insurer.

With the aid of a medical report from his doctor and our specialised knowledge  we secured an alternative Private medical Insurance quote which reinstated most of the exclusions and reduced his significant  individual health insurance premium by £3000. A very satisfied healthcare customer.

Healthcare ideas for Christmas / Birthday  for Parents.

Unsure what to buy your parents for their birthday or  Christmas; well another client came up with the original idea of buying her Mum a healthcare policy. She had wanted to buy her Mum some thing really useful and this met her requirements. A Medical Insurance gift made a Mum very happy  and a daughter really pleased.

So contact us if you need help with birthday and Christmas presents for you parents or  if they need their policies reviewed.


Telephone:01277 822922

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