Business Healthcare / Private Medical Insurance for the small business owner

Healthcare plans / Private Medical Insurance / Business Healthcare. 

It can be a great experience to work for yourself (as I know) however if you previously worked for a Company you leave all of your benefits behind. This includes Private Medical Insurance / Healthcare  plans so when self-employed and you become ill or suffer an accident, you rely on the NHS to cover you or your family. However the last thing you need is to be waiting all day in the hope that the Doctor or hospital will see you quickly. After all there is no one to do your work unless you employ temporary help – but that can be expensive and the quality uncertain. 

40% of the self-employed miss healthcare appointments because they are too busy. They need a more flexible approach and fortunately Private Medical Insurance / Healthcare Insurance does allow you access to Consultants outside of normal business hours ( plus Saturday mornings) so you can limit time from work to a minimum. If you’re not fully fit it affects both work and income, so getting treated quickly is vital.

Premium costs are variable and can start from as little as *£25 per month per person for a small group

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*Based on male aged 35.

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