The Business Guide to Private Medical Insurance

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Looking for a way to reduce absenteeism in your employees and increase your productivity?
You’ll find it with Private Medical Insurance!

A Business Guide to Private Medical Insurance

If you’ve got this far, it’s likely you’ve already decided that you want to provide extra benefits for your employees and protect your business against the increasing levels of absenteeism and sick leave. But before making your choice, we’d urge you to read this e-Book as it could help you save time and money and when looking for the right policy.

What does it cover?

What is Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?
Why Should Businesses Care?
The Real Benefits of providing PMI for you staff
How Sherwood Healthcare can help

The health and well-being of your staff is vital to your business so the decisions you make to protect them should not be taken lightly. We hope this guide helps but remember, if you’re not sure of anything, or you don’t know what to do next – ask the experts, that’s what we’re here for.

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