Appalling hospital conditions – August 2009

Shocking accounts of hospital care published by the Patients Association

Since the release of the” Patients not Numbers, People not Statistics” report by the Patients Association on the 27th August 2009 overwhelming response has been received from the press. It was the main news story throughout the day and received wide coverage in the media.

These accounts tell the stories of NHS patients being left in soiled bed clothes, ignored by nursing staff, suffering constant falls, receiving inadequate pain relief, late diagnosis, misplaced notes, the list goes on and on.

The report also makes it clear that in many cases nurses are facing an impossible task trying to care for too many patients whilst having to fill out reams of paperwork.

The results are disturbing and you can understand why individuals are prepared to forgo their holidays to fund private medical insurance.

To read a small selection of the coverage, please visit the links below:

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